Our Vision

Our vision is to develop systems where innovation and evidence lead change and transform the health system to provide the best care for all.

Our Mission

BMY health works towards building systems where evidence-based decisions are taken for healthcare and innovation is promoted to revolutionize health system for a healthier community.

We're A Team Of International Experts!

We believe in setting new trends and designing innovative solutions for health problems, improving implementation of health projects through better planning, and working on all factors involved in making implementation a success.

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Board Of Directors

The vast knowledge and experience that our board members contribute to the company’s governance and strategic direction.

Dr. Bushra Anwar
Dr. Bushra Anwar
Dr. Misbah Jhangir
Dr. Misbah Jhangir

our Valued Partners

At BMY Health, we’re proud of the solid partnerships we’ve established with top players in the field. These partnerships are essential to our mission of providing innovation and excellence. We work together to accomplish common objectives and leave a lasting impression.

Academic Organizations & Researchers

Public Health Organizations, Contract Research Organizations & NGOs

Government Agencies, NIH, WHO & Ministries

Private Hospitals

Allied Health Sector

International Organizations

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